Comprehending Victor Brake Patterns And Soundboxes

Victrolas went as a result of quite a few varying brake patterns and soundboxes. Through the earliest versions to the new Orthophonic Victrolas, there have been at the very least four iterations of brake models that were made.

In the meantime, soundboxes arrived in 5 various iterations ranging from the duration of 1906 until eventually 1925 when Victor launched its Electrola products. These soundboxes have been bought in both gold or nickel plate finishes. Most products will also be interchangeable.

Brake Designs

The next will be the brake layouts that were deployed by Victor:

1. Bullet Brake

Found within the earliest styles of Victrolas, this exterior design and style form was utilized to quit the turntable and is claimed to seem just like the identical process used by the external horn Victor machines.

2. Tab Brake

Victrolas With all the tab brake layout experienced the leather “end” positioned Within the turntable rim which makes it look invisible through the watch with the operator.

three. Semi-Automated Brake

Launched in 1913, this design and style allowed the user to preset the shutoff point manually in the event the history concerns an conclusion, By doing so, it lets the brake for being engaged through the tonearm extension rod at the end of playback.

four. Thoroughly Automated Brake

Found in The brand new Orthophonic Victrolas in 1925, the Innovative program of Totally Computerized Brake essential no user options as it depends solely to the document’s eccentric close groove so as to set off the brake.


Most prospects would go for paying for later Model of soundboxes which they initially meant to be used on more mature phonograph designs. This is due to the latter styles shown Increased seem replica. Interestingly, the so-named “updating” of soundboxes gave the impression to be inspired by Victor dealers. Because of this, it can be common to find out an early design of Victor that arrives put in that has a afterwards-classic soundbox.

The subsequent are the varied layouts with the soundbox which were released:

one. Exhibition Soundbox

From 1906 as many as January 1918, all Victrola products made use of the Exhibition Soundbox design. This design is usually discovered via the script uncovered over the facet on the soundbox. Additionally it is more compact in diameter compared to the No.2 style.

two. No. 2 Soundbox

The larger No.two Soundbox was introduced on selected Victrola types (XIV, XVI, and XVII) while in the latter A part of 1917. This structure had a “fatter” tone arm and arrived in either gold or nickel plate.

three. Orthophonic Soundbox

This soundbox iteration experienced a distinct visual appearance. It includes a thin aluminum diaphragm which replaced the sooner Turntable mica design and style. Before versions had brass housings though later versions arrived in pot-metallic which tends to crack with age. The readily available finishes for this style ended up antique brass, nickel or gold.

four. Magnetic Soundbox

Introduced in 1925 on Victor’s Electrola versions, the Magnetic Soundbox made use of a coil and magnet method in translating the file vibrations into your amplifiers’ electrical signals.

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